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    Award Winning IT Services

    Gravity Computers is an award winning IT Service company. Our past awards and achievements include Consumer Choice Award (in two consecutive years), BIV Fastest Growing Companies (2 years), A+ Rating with the BBB, and lots of Microsoft certifications along our 21 year history.

    We are Canadian and provide service throughout North America with the majority of our clients in Vancouver, BC, and the Lower Mainland.

    With rapidly changing computer and network technology, challenges inevitably occur in your business. When they do, Gravity Computers delivers responsive and personable IT support services. From our live dispatcher to our knowledgeable computer and network team, Gravity Computers puts your business first. And, our fixed fees and response guarantees take the stress out of potentially stressful IT situations.

    Our Approach

    You understand technology is an essential part of your business operations. The right solution can propel your business forward, while the wrong or, misconfigured solution can hinder your success.

    To help you benefit from the right technology we successfully use our methods to delivering successful IT solutions. We’ll take care of the “tech” while your team leverages technology to benefit your operations.

    5  Reasons To Partner With Gravity Computers :

    When you need help – we will be there.  We are in the service business.  When you contact us for help via phone or email, we’ll help you in plain language with a smile in our voice.  Most of our client issues are resolved in the first call and within 15 minutes.  Stubborn issues?  We don’t give up or quit until we solve the problem.

    We work with all of your technology vendors.  Whether you are having an issue with your website, your phone vendor or your printer tech – we can help streamline the process and get the desired result communicated to your vendor.

    Our team works from a process.  If you’ve never read The E-Myth by Michael Gerber, it’s a must read for any business owner – my take away from that book is the basis for our Streamline app.  Create a process for everything that happens here – both internal and partner-facing; and you will always get the desired result.  We love process.

    Advice.  Not sure how to leverage technology for your business?  We’ll help and build a plan with you for your business bringing your business and our I.T. services in line with your long term business vision.

    It is not about us, its all about you.   That’s why our slogan is “We go the distance.  Building technology solutions for business.”  We will work with you to build a solution that fits your business.  Need to adjust, no problem, let’s talk and adjust and make it perfect for you.

    Exceptional customer service

    When it comes to customer service, we believe no one  comes close to Gravity Computers .  It starts with our team.  We hire bright kind minds who want to help people.  We take pride in our super quick response times, extraordinary customer support, 24/7 proactive piece of mind, or our ability to deliver innovative technology solutions that work exactly how you expect them to.

    We won’t let you stand still

    We are always looking to bring our clients a great deal of value – from our services, our team and technology.  We understand that at the end of the day – it comes down to a few key things  –  resolving IT Problems fast and driving your business forward on the technology path.  We will build a technology road map for your business and help you keep moving forward in your budget.

    What Our Clients Have To Say

    I would not hesitate to recommend them, especially if you are looking for someone to handle a very complicated network and who are always on top of their game.

    Gravity Computers is exceptionally responsive, thorough and friendly. It’s terrific to have a company like this helping us stay productive.Our experience with Gravity Computers has been extremely positive. Whenever we have a concern or IT issue the response time is usually immediately and the follow up is always done! It makes us feel that Gravity is taking care of our IT needs and values our business. Thank you Gravity! I would definitely recommend Gravity. I have had speedy and timely assistance from them whenever I have needed the help. Keep up the good work!. And get more from your people, processes, technology and budget.


    Keep up the good work!. And get more from your people, processes, technology and budget.

    Because Trust Matters.

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