Netflix Just Revealed It’s Developed Truly Eye-Opening Technology That Could Literally Change Everything

It’s like Netflix and chill, but to the nth degree.

Suppose you want to watch Netflix, but you think tapping a screen on the Netflix app is too much work?

Is this really a problem? Well, if so, does Netflix ever have a surprise for you! The company revealed a truly amazing new technology that they’re calling EyeNav. It lets


Apple’s coolest keyboard trick became even better in iOS 12

What if I told you that ultra-precise text editing and selection is not only possible, but easy, on all Apple gadgets running iOS 12?

If you, like me, have been struggling to edit that typo in a slab of text you just wrote on your iPhone on iPad, you may have missed a feature that lets you turn your keyboard … Read more...


LAST YEAR, CONTROVERSY stirred as Apple acknowledged that it had, in fact, purposefully inhibited iPhone performance when the battery neared the end of its useful life. The good news: It wasn’t just in your head! The less-good news: Apple will continue the practice with the iPhone 8, 8 Plusand X.

While reports of the throttling first surfaced

WhatsApp VP confirms ads are coming to the ‘Status’ section

The day we’ve been fearing is on the horizon: WhatsApp is getting ads. For real, this time.

In a comment to several publications in India. WhatsApp Vice President Chris Daniels confirmed that the popular messaging app will be placing ads in the Snapchat-like Status section:

“We are going to be putting ads in ‘Status’. That is going to be primary


LG tipped to unveil a foldable smartphone as soon as January

Samsung on Wednesday confirmed that it’d sell foldable and 5G phones next year. After that, a video from Asia showed us a hands-on demo of a foldable smartphone from an obscure Chinese company that may have just stolen the “world’s first” title from Samsung and Huawei. The same leaker who posted the video said that at least three phone vendors, … Read more...

As digital threats grow, will cyber insurance take off?

Cyberattacks cost the world more than natural disasters – US$3 trillion in 2015, a price that may climb to $6 trillion annually by 2021 if present trends continue. But most people – and even most businesses – don’t have insurance to protect themselves against this rising threat.

Insurance against all kinds of risks – disease, disaster, legal liability and more … Read more...