Google’s reCaptcha v3 arrives, detecting bots without using tests

Why it matters: Captcha, or Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart, has long been used to stop bots from performing nefarious activities on websites. While they do their job, Google’s reCaptcha tests can be annoying. Thankfully, the company has now introduced version 3, which requires no interaction from users.

The famously irritating reCaptcha v1 asked …

What Is a VPN and What Can (and Can’t) It Do?

VPN (or virtual private network) services create a secure, encrypted connection between your computer and a VPN server at another location. That type of secure connection is a worthwhile investment for anyone who wants to wrap their data in an extra layer of privacy and security, especially when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks. But a VPN is not a magic … Read more...

Humanoid construction robot installs drywall by itself

It’s clever, if also a commentary on Japan’s labor priorities.

If Japan’s Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Institute has its way, construction workers might be a thing of the past. Researchers have built HRP-5P, a humanoid bot that can handle a variety of construction tasks when there’s either a staffing shortage or serious hazards. The prototype uses a mix of … Read more...

Adobe modernizes the PDF with updates to Acrobat, Adobe Scan

What is Chatbot? Why?

What is most important to the Organizations and Individuals building software today?

  • Automation,
  • Intelligence,
  • Security,
  • Customer Service, and
  • much more.

Artificial Intelligence plays role in each of the top four items in the above list. Even today a lot of these operations are depending on some sort of human interactions in most of the organizations.

Most of the important …

Under the sea, Microsoft tests a datacenter that’s quick to deploy, could provide internet connectivity for years

Microsoft is leveraging technology from submarines and working with pioneers in marine energy for the second phase of its moonshot to develop self-sufficient underwater datacenters that can deliver lightning-quick cloud services to coastal cities. An experimental, shipping-container-size prototype is processing workloads on the seafloor near Scotland’s Orkney Islands, Microsoft announced today.

The deployment of the Northern Isles datacenter at the … Read more...

Five Social Media Trends That Will Impact Digital Advertising

Social media has become a critical ingredient to every advertiser’s marketing mix. Gone are the days in which social media was simply used for product discovery and awareness. Today, social media marketing plays an increasingly important role in driving intent and conversion within the consumer journey. But the world of social media is dynamic and in constant change.

Keeping up …



The ECG’s readings are processed by an algorithm into a detailed report that doctors can evaluate.

The Apple Watch is back with Series 4, and this time with a huge leap in its use of medical technology.

The Watch can detect the heart rate with remarkable accuracy – sensitive enough to pick up on heart arrhythmias, Jeff Williams, COO of … Read more...

Google adds fingerprint support to Chrome on Android and Mac in latest beta

Google Chrome’s latest beta is adding a useful update to the popular browser: support for fingerprint sensors on Android and Mac devices, which will allow developers to use biometrics as an extra layer of security.

The update will let Chrome utilize the existing Android fingerprint sensors and MacBook Pro Touch ID sensors for its scans. There’s no word yet on … Read more...

Ebay’s HeadGaze lets motor-impaired users navigate the site with head movements

The sophisticated head-tracking system like the one built into the iPhone X may have been intended for AR and security purposes, but it may also turn out to be very useful for people with disabilities. A proof of concept app from an eBay intern shows how someone with very little motor function can navigate the site with nothing but head … Read more...