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    From special projects, to extra hands on an IT project, to building an IT plan and budget for your organization. We will help.

    The fact is, when most customers come to us, they have never considered an IT plan and very few have a disaster recovery plan. We start with these projects and create long-term peace of mind for our clients. Our first goal is to provide you peace of mind.

    Once we have done that, we can start to look at your business as a whole. We will deliver effective Business IT Solutions to meet your specific business needs which are designed to reduce your costs, increase your productivity and mitigate your business risks. Our cost-effective Business IT Solutions accelerate the attainment of your business goals through technology.

    We are ready for your project or just give a helping hand.  Here are some projects ideas:

    • Support your IT team
    • Be your IT team (hourly based or all in set fixed monthly rate)
    • Extra hands on a project
    • Analysis or consultation on security, policies and many other IT pieces
    • Create policies and procedures for your organization
    • Search for software to handle specific tasks for your business, implement and manage migration of data and training of users.
    • User Training
    • Migration to Office 365
    • BDR deployment
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