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    Business Continuity

    Life throws its curve balls but, even so, your company must be able to provide consistent dependable service to your clients at all times.

    Is your computer system resilient enough to withstand failures and outages without disrupting your daily production or compromising services for your clients?  Does your staff know how to keep your business operating during these type of events?  Is there an easy way to resume operations without losing data once normal services are restored?

    Knowing that your business is covered during outages will bring peace of mind.  You can avoid chaos, stress, lost revenue and frustrated clients if you prepare for these types of events when everything is running normally. We’ll help you plan so your business can survive the expected.  Learn More

    Gravity Reflection Onsite

    Gravity Reflection Onsite is box which sits on your site and is configured to make rapid backup of your key servers or systems on a planned out schedule basis plus a full daily backup.  From this box, we can restore your data from virtually any time point you require.

    In the event of an failure of your server or systems, we can spin this box up to act as your live server reducing downtime to a minimum, allowing staff to continue to work, and allow us or your IT team to bring your critical systems working.    Learn More

    Gravity Reflection Remote

    We will capture a daily backup of your server.

    In the event of a failure at your site such as flood, theft or building damage, we can provide a copy of your virtualized resource to be turned onto a secondary device once your site is workable.  Or if you opt for a virtualized start, we can start your resource over the internet for access to your resource limiting down time for your team.    Learn More

    Gravity Reflection Complete

    Reflection Onsite and Remote.  Combined business continuity with onsite protection, data recovery and virtualized copy of your resource onsite and a remote copy.  A complete solution to protect your business.    Learn More

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    Gravity Computers is exceptionally responsive, thorough and friendly. It’s terrific to have a company like this helping us stay productive.

    Our experience with Gravity Computers has been extremely positive. Whenever we have a concern or IT issue the response time is usually immediately and the follow up is always done! It makes us feel that Gravity is taking care of our IT needs and values our business. Thank you Gravity!


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