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    Not for Profit

    Not for Profit – We’ve got you covered

    Not for Profit means doing everything under the sun within a fixed amount of finances.  We have many Not-for-Profit organizations that we work with.  We have helped them streamline processes, reduce costs, increase efficiencies, reduce downtime and bring their systems into the modern age.

    For those organizations that qualify, we can help you gain software at deep discounts (for example Microsoft Office at about 10% of the cost!).  With the savings, you can finetune other areas of your IT needs – perhaps new hardware?  Need more savings – dont worry, we provide special pricing to Not for Profit while providing exceptional services.

    We are here to help your organization for the long term and we’ll make your technology worry free within your budget.

    Looking forward to helping your organization.  604-872-0123 x1.

    Give us a call 604-872-0123 x1, or fill the contact us form (bottom of this pagesmiley).  It will be a no pressure, one to one, real dialogue with no strings attached.

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