Atlanta Airport Shuts Down Wi-Fi Following Cyber Attack on City

Passengers are also being told that flight information on the airport website may not be accurate.

Following a cyber attack targeting the City of Atlanta’s network servers on Thursday, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport has temporarily shut down its Wi-Fi network and disabled parts of its website as a precaution. The ransomware attack, in which hackers block or hold data until … Read more...

Researchers find 29 types of USB attacks, recommend never plugging into a USB you don’t own

If you ever find a lost charger, don’t use it. If you need power and are tempted to plug into a public USB port, don’t do it.

It’s long been known that you should never insert an unknown USB drive to your computer because it could be loaded with malware. However, new research from Ben-Gurion University has exposed 29 types … Read more...

Survey shows companies sacrifice mobile security for business reasons

Most organizations feel that better mobile security may be hampered by a lack of understanding of specific threats and solutions.

Verizon warns that a significant number of businesses and other organizations are falling short in securing their mobile data due to a lack of awareness about threats — or by placing a higher priority on getting products to market. The … Read more...